Friday, June 28, 2013

Peterborough to Lakefield

We stayed two nights in Peterborough. Barb and Ed joined us here having driven from in Cincinnati.  With a car we were able to re provision easily as we didn't have to carry everything from the store!  We enjoyed taking a walking path to the lift lock and several good restaurants.

We left Friday morning at 8:45 AM to make the first lockage at the nearby lock 20.  WE entered the lower pan of water on the lift lock.  The gate closed behind us and after a brief announcement by Eddie the lockmaster up in the air 70 feet we went.
Looking out the stern of the boat one could see how high we were raised above the valley.  The gate in front of us opened and out we went.  We had 7  locks today but only 11.5 miles.  
 We tied up to wait at the next lock for the lockmaster to "turn" the lock, about 15 minutes.

 Barb was practicing her deckhand duties as the stern line handler.  A bow and stern person had to wrap a line around a cable to hold the boat as it was lifted in the lock.

We arrived at Lakefield at 2:00PM.  Since it was Canada Day weekend,(their July 4th) we elected to stay here two nights to avoid the bedlam on the water.  Nice town to walk, bicycle and take it easy.  Bryce enjoyed walks in the nearby park.  

We received distressing news that evening from family in Cincinnati that Debbie's cousin passed away at age 53, suddenly.  Thanks to the internet Debbie was booked on a flight home from Toronto a 2 hour drive away for the next day.  Luckily Eddie and Barb had their car in Peterborough so I arranged a ride to the car from the dockmaster.  Debbie will return later this week to meet us in Midland,  We were also fortunate to have experienced boaters on board so we could meet up with Debbie when she returns.  Flexibility is the word of the day while boatiing.

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