Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trenton to Lock 6 Trent Severn Waterway

We awoke to thick fog, so we waited and at about 8:45 it lifted enough for safe navigation. We are beginning the Trent Severn waterway today, total length about 240 miles, connecting Lake Ontario to Lake Huron (Georgian Bay).  Check out the link to    Trent Seven Waterway

 Debbie, my hardworking crew, wife, soul mate, best friend and  chief cook and bottle washer set the fenders in place to protect Island Hopper from the rough concrete walls of the locks.
 First lock was only a 15 minute 
ride. We waited for the gates to open and in we went.

After buying a one way pass for about $250 we headed to lock 2 another 15 minute run.  The lockage takes about 20 minutes from the time the gates are manually closed until they reopen.
Each lock is associated with a dam to control flow and water level.  With all the recent rain the gates are open to allow the levels to recede.   Each Dam also has a hydro electric generator to harness the power.
After 6 locks today we decided to stop after lock 6 at Noon for the evening.  This is one of the few locks with  shorepower, called Hydro in Ontario.  It is a great park like setting with the small town of Frankford a 10 minute walk away.  Cost for the night $45 plus $10 for Hydro.  

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