Saturday, June 22, 2013

Picton to Trenton, Ontario

Picton Harbour

 We departed Picton,  for Trenton at 9:15 AM, a 40 mile run at slow speed.  The weather prediction was not good, rain and thunderstorms as a front is coming.  The instruments on IH has a Sirius satellite weather module, so one can see the upcoming weather on the computer screen at the helm.

The skies darkened but he rain held off until we were entering the Fraser Park Marina in Trenton.  We slowed our pace and by the time we had to dock the rain stopped saving our crew a soaking.

  We have internet access even underway thanks to a subscription to Rogers Wireless (the Verizon of Canada) and a SIM card for the IPAD which gives the vessel a hotspot to connect all of our devices.
 Bryce is very observant even while cruising.  


Trenton Ontario
 The beginning for us of cruising the Trent Severn Waterway, the Trent River.
Fraser Park Marina

We were shoe horned into the marina but were right along a nice park, great for Bryce.   

With the aid of Trip Advisor with a recommendation by the dockmaster, Debbie reserved dinner at Tomasso's just a block away from the marina.  

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