Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Campbellford to Hastings Ontario

 An uneventful day today traveling 40 miles and 6 locks to arrive at Hastings, Ontario.  We departed at 8:45 AM to make the first lockage which starts around 9:00 AM.  We tied up to the blue line and I walked up the hill to the lockmasters house. Nobody was there.  Finally at 10:00 they appeared. Due to austerity programs in Canada the workers are doing double duty traveling between locks by car.  

Shortly after entering it started to rain so out came the raincoats.  It rained off and on for the first 4 locks.  Luckily no lightning or high winds. 

When the lock opened out came a vintage Chris Craft, a real beauty.
We traveled with the slow boat again, he rafted off to me in the lock and a 46 foot Grand Banks, both owners were retired pilots.  

In this double lock when the gates open to proceed forward you enter another lock!  Tie off and up you go again.  
The Grand Banks owner had not one but TWO standard poodles on board.  
We traveled through cottage country on the Trent River.  This was a neat Boat House we passed.
We entered the last lock at Hastings just before the marina.  We lost the slow boat after lock 5  as we had 16 miles of open cruising.  Note the roadway bridge had to rotate to allow us to pass through.  We tied up at 2:30PM.  The  Grand Banks and Island Hopper cruised at 10MPH except in a few speed zones that were
 restricted to 6 MPH 
in narrow areas.  

About three hours after our arrival the slow boat appeared on the lock wall across the river from our marina.  

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