Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peoria, IL MM168

We left at 7 AM for our 75 mile run with one lock to Peoria, IL and the Illinois Valley YC.  the scenery has steadily improved as you can see.  
 OK, right or left at this fork?  Glad I have a chart plotter.  
Thunderstorms were all around on the Sirius Weather screen.  Luckily all but one brief shower eluded us.  This one passed behind us. 
 A "river" lighthouse
The Illinois River had severe flooding twice this year.  I guess this vessel washed ashore during high water. 
Our destination was the Illinois Valley Yacht Club aka IVY.  IH is tied up to the wall in front of the clubhouse.  They had pictures of the flood water up 4 feet in the dining room which is on the second level here.  Can't believe since the flood in June they have repaired all the damage.  The marina is in a protected basin but it is shallow at the entrance, about 4 feet which is what IH needs.  Luckily soft mud so I pushed through.   

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Russ Rowlett said...

Hello, this is Russ Rowlett, webmaster of the Lighthouse Directory, hosted at the University of North Carolina, USA. You have a photo of what I believe to be the Chiilicothe Island lighthouse, and I am hoping you will allow me to use it on the Directory's page for lighthouses of Illinois. The Directory is an educational project, completely non-commercial. Please take a look (; I hope you will think this is a fair use.