Thursday, August 8, 2013

Logston Tug Service MM 88

Approaching Beardstown, IL
We departed IVY Club after taking on fuel at 845AM.  We were going to stop at a marina at MM 120 but the owner called me to say the water levels were down and he was concerned about the depth of his channel.  He did say it was mud not rock but we decided to keep moving.  As we passed the marina and took a look we are glad we did.

This is the lock and dam of the day.  The "wickets" are up so we have to lock through.  If the water was higher the wickets are lowered and you pass right over the dam, obviating the lockage.  As it was we were allowed to float in the lock so no tie off was necessary.   
 A new sport on the river system, shooting Asian Carp the invasive species wreaking havoc to the estuary.  Note the young man with the bow and the Dad holding the fish with the arrow through it.  When a metal boat moves quickly the Asian carp jump out of the water becoming a good target.  I also saw fisherman wearing helmets to protect themselves from the jumping carp which can weigh up to 90 pounds.

Bryce likes to sit in the Mate's chair but usually on the Mate's lap. 
 Our stop for the evening, Logston Tug Service, no amenities or power but a barge to tie to and shore access for Bryce
We are docking behind the crane barge, the mate is poised for action.  We arrived at 300PM.
 Here we are docked.  Not bad for $1 per foot.  I asked about the cable TV connection and the dockhand howled with laughter.  I walked into town and decided our meal on board was the best bet.  The mate agreed.  Glad we have a generator for power.  
Chef Tell performed flawlessly on the ship's grill. The barge is tied up behind us not moving towards us.  
Now this barge is "fleeting" but luckily the Captain slowed down to not "wake" us.

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