Saturday, August 17, 2013

Green Turtle Bay

 We pull anchor at 7AM for our 30 mile run to Green Turtle Bay one of the best stops on the great loop.  I have stopped here several times before.  We have one lock to traverse.  The only glitch is that the tow traffic has been diverted to this lock due to the closure of the TN river lock for maintenance.  We have been told to count on a 2-4 hour delay waiting for this lock.  

Of course when we near the lock it begins raining, but we are used to that!  I call the lockmaster several times on the cell phone and he tells me in the last call, get up here in 45 minutes and I can lock you up between two downbound tows.  I urged IH up to 20 watching the wake for fisherman and other towboats, it was a Saturday but the rain had dampened the fishing spirit.
 We entered the lock and when the gate opened a tow was at the entrance.  He backed up to allow us enough room to pull out, thank you I radioed.  No wait as we arrived at Green Turtle Bay by 11AM.    Link to Green Turtle Bay website
 GTB is a large marina with a restaurant (Yacht Club) covered slips, courtesy cars and a protected basin off the busy Cumberland River. 

 Tom is switching out the Great Looper burgee for the St Pete Yacht Club burgee.  He is having to answer to many questions about our voyage by curious dock folks attracted by the burgee.  It works.
 A thunderstorm appears so we batten down the hatches.

We see a ferry behind the marina heading down the canal to the TN River (Ky Lake)

 We walk into town and we discover a store with a few booths of pistols and rifles for sale but not to out of state residents.  Oh well, nice to ogle. 
 I am attracted to this weapon for IH to keep pirates away.  Can't conceal it though.
 Grand Rivers is the adjacent town, nice quaint stop complete with boutiques that we don't visit.  No bars either as the county is "dry".  Good news is that restaurants allow carry in wine, no corkage, but we have been told to keep it on the floor as this is a family restaurant.
The pies looked great at Patti's but we did not partake. 
The Captain in front of Patti's Restaurant known for its 2 inch thick pork chops and bread baked in a flower pot.  Link to Patti's

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