Monday, March 31, 2008

Miami Beach, Florida - Playing In The Sun

Never a dull moment on the water… We were awaken briefly around 4:45 AM by the sounds of what seemed to be gunshots. First, it sounded like 7 gunshots. A few minutes later another 7 gunshot sounds were heard. Then we could hear sirens blaring in the near distance. We fell back to sleep, just thinking we were in the middle of Miami Beach. An hour and a half later, we were again awaken by two news helicopters hovering over the marina. We went out on the back deck and saw firefighters using a water boat to put the fires out on two yachts tied to a dock two over from “ISLAND HOPPER”. Both 70 foot yachts burned to the water and three other yachts received fire and heat damage. A family from Naples, Florida was on one of the destroyed yachts. Two young people were trapped in the hull area of the yacht. Rescue workers handed breathing apparatus through hatches to those trapped, and then cut through the hull to free them. Both victims were taken by ambulance to the hospital for smoke inhalation. Luckily, no one was seriously injured. More information about the fire can be found at
After all of the excitement we ate breakfast and prepared for the day. We went to Publix for provisions. Kevin and Ian took the groceries back to boat, while Joan and Debbie went to Lincoln Mall to shop and have lunch. Kevin and Ian walked to South Beach and then went out on the beach. They crossed Ocean to Mango’s for a cold brew and a little music and dancing on the bar. Not Kevin & Ian dancing on the bar, but the restaurant’s live entertainment.(
Mango's Bar & Restaurant
Art Deco Mural at Mango's
Tonight we ate dinner at Barton G’s. It was truly a creative dining experience.(

A Special Message for Natalie- Ian & Joan’s Granddaughter

Hello Natalie,

We are so glad that you are reading the Island Hopper Log and enjoying all of the adventures we are experiencing in America. We are having a wonderful time and look forward to seeing you when we return home to Scotland. Keep reading the wee stories.


Papa & Gran

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