Thursday, March 27, 2008

Little Palm Island Resort to Duck Key, Hawk's Cay Reort

"Island Hopper" pulled out of Little Palm Island at 11:05 AM. The winds were piping again at 20 knots. The run to Duck Key, a middle key is 37 miles. We are staying at Hawk's Cay Resort. (

Hawk's Cay Natural Pool Lagoon

The resort opened in 1959, is a rambling style Caribbean style retreat, with two bedroom villas and spacious rooms. We harbored at the resort's dock. There were brisk winds and an extremely strong current, but Captain Kevin did a great job backing into the slip. The crew as usual, gave exceptional service to the Captain. The crew has been complimented by other yacht captains along the journey, who have commented that they wished they had Captain Kevin's crew. "Island Hopper's" Crew remains loyal to Captain Kevin, even when he is cranky!!!!!!!!

Captain Kevin in full uniform

Recreational facilities at Hawk's Cay Resort are extensive. The Dolphin Connection provides three educational experiences with dolphins, including the in-the-water Dolphin Discovery program, which lets you get up close and personal with the intelligent mammals. Guests get to kiss, touch and feed the dolphins for a 45 minute session. The cost is $120.00 for guests, or $130.00 for nonguests.

A Pelican balancing on a tight boat line.

We ate dinner at the marina restaurant, Tom Harbor, and had a wonderful meal.

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