Sunday, March 30, 2008

Coconut Grove, FL to Miami Beach, FL

We left Dinner Marina at 11:30 AM. cruising only 6 miles over to Miami Beach Marina.(

Dinner Marina Dock

The weather was party sunny in the 70's predicted to be around 83 degrees today. It was a beautiful view heading past the high rises in Miami toward the marina.

After lunch we took the South Beach bus into the South Beach area and got off at Washington and walked two blocks to Ocean. After walking along Ocean we crossed the street and walked on the beach.
Joan & Ian on South Beach

The beach was packed with students on spring break. We continued down Ocean and stopped and had refreshing mango margaritas and beers. We then took the South Beach bus back to the Marina.


Miami Vice with actor Don Johnson became a hit television show, and around the same time a photographer ventured onto the top of one of Ocean Drive's Art Deco hotels for a Calvin Klein "Obsession" photo shoot. Both events helped renew interest in South Beach and it soon became the destination of choice for fashion shoots and films. Sharon Stone, Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes, Marisa Tomei, Angelica Houston, Arnold Schwarzenegger, James Woods, Jamie Lee Curtis, Whitney Houston, Kevin Costner and Sean Connery have all appeared in films shot in Miami in recent years. Fashion and commercial photo shoots are commonplace throughout South Beach.During the day, models, vintage cars, Harleys, and rollerbladers of all ages parade past tourists who are relaxing and people watching from one of Ocean Drive's many outdoor cafes. By night, the clubs sizzle. There’s no doubt that Florida makes a fun vacation destination for travelers of all disposition, but a certain type of person probably isn’t satisfied with common scenes of golf courses, beachcombing and quiet strolls along nearly-empty sidewalks. These kinds of areas are perfect for those looking to escape the madness of the world, but sometimes a different kind of madness does the job just as well. South Beach is famously filled with energy, nightlife options, celebrity sightings and beautiful people. If these are the things that would best take you away from your current situation, providing you with the kind of vacation you need to calm you down and loosen you up, there’s no place like South Beach. This coastal magnet for hedonists around the world has been hopping for years. Fashion shoots, TV and movie filmings, big-time parties and a general atmosphere of buoyant, beach time fun have characterized South Beach for decades - ever since the birth of t-shirt/blazer combos and rollerblading. Things have modernized a bit, of course, but there’s still an otherworldly feel to this destination; it’s as if there are cameras constantly rolling and everyone is ready to attract attention and impress their fellow revelers. In other words, bring your chicest duds as well as a readiness to indulge in frivolity. Lounge on the beach for a bit, taking in the quintessentially relaxing sight of top-notch surf and sand. After you’ve whetted your appetite for swimming and sunning, revive your creative side by taking an Art Deco District Tour. Local historians and architects happily show visitors around the town, pointing out all the noteworthy details of the city’s appearance.


Tonight we ate dinner at Nemo, located on the quickly developing South Beach area known as SoFi (for "South of Fifth"), Nemo is a funky, high-style eatery with an open kitchen and an outdoor courtyard canopied by trees and lined with an eclectic mix of model types and foodies. Among the reasons to eat in this restaurant, whose name is actually "omen" spelled backward: grilled Indian-spiced pork chop; grilled local mahimahi with citrus and grilled sweet-onion salad, kimchi glaze, basil and crispy potatoes; and an inspired dessert menu by Hedy Goldsmith that's not for the faint of calories. Seating inside is comfy-cozy but borders on cramped. On Sunday mornings, the open kitchen is converted into a buffet counter for the restaurant's unparalleled brunch. Be prepared for a wait, however, as the crowd tends to spill out onto the street.

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