Sunday, October 21, 2007

Warsaw Kentucky to Louisville Kentucky

The trip from Warsaw, Kentucky to Louisville, Kentucky took six hours, mostly owing top operating at reduced speed in order not to wake the numerous boats that were enjoying this beautiful Sunday. Dan Crocker helping to lock thru
The shoreline was beginning to take on fall colors, the water having a blue-green quality and cliffs overlooking the river in the Madison Indiana area. Truly a beautiful day. Several options for moorage in Louisville included Captains Quarters, Louisville Boat Club and Limestone Marina. We were fortunate to be able to overnight at Captains Quarters, arranged by a mutual friend. In addition, we enjoyed a wonderful meal at Captains Quarters with guests John and Connie Emmerich.

Island Hopper at Captains Quarters

One cannot be impressed with the amount of boating activity in Louisville, even this late in the season. The river is wide (lake like) with interesting areas to beach (18 mile and 12 mile island). Tomorrow will be a longer day, with the goal of completing around 112 miles

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Acaciaallen said...

Hi Team,

Sounds like you all are having a great trip, the weather is perfect! We were down at the ORLC last night and the place is quiet without you guys. Be safe and keep us posted!