Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rocky Point Marina to Inland Marina, Evansville, Indiana (10/23/07)

Rain rain go away . . . the childhood poem of a rainy day dismay rings through my head as we motor down the river, two lock thrus and finally dock at Inland Marina in Evansville, Indiana.
Although a bit soggy, our spirits are high . . . the question “are we having fun yet?” being bantered about from time to time. We are told by Katie at Inland Marina that the river is going up 9’ to action stage (23.4’) by Wednesday midnight.
Moorage at Rocky Point Marina

Fueling at Rocky Point Marina

During the day we noted a couple of dredges, "mining" the river bottom for gravel. They scour the bottom and offload it to barges on both sides of the dredge.

Mining the Ohio River

We are currently tied up at the gas dock, but have water, 50 amp service, and a courtesy car at the marina. There is a couple in transit from Terrace Park who have left their sailboat here, rented a car and returned to Cincinnati for a couple of days, pending better weather.

We anticipate slow or no passage tomorrow, needing to make 112 miles or stay here another night. We will see.

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