Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Marina Cove, Carrollton, AL to Demopolis Yacht Basin, Demopolis AL

Wednesday, October 31, 2007 – Happy Halloween! Tonight we are going “Trick or Treating”. Barb, Kevin and Debbie are going to show Ed their bags and he will have to give up a few candy bars from his stash. We left Marina Cove at 7:00 AM sharp. Traveled .6 Miles to the Tom Bevill Lock & Dam, Carrollton, AL 306.8 LDB). 600’ X 110’ – Lift 30’. The lock master had the lock open and six boats quickly locked through. Traveled another 40.7 miles to the Howell Heflin Lock & Dam, Gainesville, AL (266.1 LDB). We went through with only three other boats. Again there was not a wait. We are making good time on the water today. Mile 217.0 is the end of the Tenn-Tom Waterway. The Black Warrier River enters the Tombigbee River at this point. The Black Warrier - Tombigee Waterway stretches from Mobile, AL to headwaters of the Mulberry Fork, a distance of 430 miles. This waterway is mucch older than its more famous cousin the Tenn-Tom Canal (Waterway). Between 1888 and 1915 a total of 17 locks and dams were built on this waterway to make it navigatable. Over the years 4 taller locks replaced these 13 locks and today a side trip up this beautiful scenic river is the highlight of river cruising. We will harbor tonight at Demopolis Yacht Basin, Demopolis, AL (216.7 LDB). ( after cruising 81 miles today. Arrived at 1:00 PM and took on fuel. We were then shown our slip for the evening. The marina has a restaurant, "New Orleans Bar & Grill", that of course serves catfish. We have met up with many other boaters traveling south for the winter. Ed still hasn't shared his candy bars. He said he bought them on sale with a past dated expiration. We don't believe him and expect our "Trick or Treat" bars later.

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