Sunday, October 28, 2007

Cruising the Tennessee River - Cuba Landing to Grand Harbor Marina

Left Cuba Landing at 8:15 AM on Sunday, October 28th heading to Grand Harbor Marina 449.RDB ( in Counce, Tennessee on the Tenn-Tom Waterway. Another beautiful morning on the river with clear and sunny skies. A deer was spotted swimming across the river. Captain Kevin slowed down so the deer wouldn’t be frightened by the boat’s wake and best of all a photo opportunity. We then traveled past the channel to Clifton, the home of Tennessee’s first Pulitzer prize winning novelist – T.S. Stribling where there is a library/museum in his honor. At mile 215.1 the Tennessee-Tombigbee (Tenn – Tom) Waterway welcomed us to the state of Mississippi and ends our travels on the Tennessee River. The Tenn- Tom Waterway connects the Tennessee River at Pickwick Lake with the Tombigbee River at Demopolis, AL. The Tenn-Tom Waterway gets its’ name from the fact that this waterway joins the Tennessee and the Tombigbee Rivers. Originally proposed back in the late 1700’s by the French as a way of connecting these two navigable rivers, no effort was ever made to complete the waterway until much later. Over the years numerous proposals were made to the US Government and finally in December 1972 work began on the canal. After spending 2 billion dollars, the waterway was dedicated on June 1, 1985. The construction of the Tenn-Tom employed more than 5,000 people at its peak and now provides jobs an income to the entire region. We used a courtesy car to go into town for dinner. We had ribs at a local restaurant called The Rib Cage. Barb is still on the hunt for the best key lime pie. Unfortunately the Rib Cage is not in the running.

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