Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inland Marina to Golconda Marina, Golconda IL (10/24/07)

We decided to leave early from Evansville at first light in rainy weather. Drift (floating debris) was light to none, so we made good time to Golconda, though two cold and and rainy lock thrus. We passed Cave-in-Rock, a place that was variously the home of pirates, counterfeiters, hi-jackers, assorted yeggs, and the haven of brave pioneers. First written about in 1924 by Rothert in “The Outlaws of Cave-In Rock” the Cave was used by Samuel Mason to provide a waylay for New Orleans flatboats to which he lured them and who were expeditiously murdered for their cargo. Now a state park, the mouth of the cave is 55 feet wide and extends back come 60 feet, originally it was partially concealed by vegetation.
After arriving in Golconda, the rain continued with moderate wind. We were able to call a local tavern and have them pick us up for dinner, drinks and a little pool (Springwater Saloon). Very friendly folks at the local watering hole.

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Kevin & Debbie Hopper said...

Get the boat in ship shape men. The women arrive tomorrow!!