Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guana Cay to Hope Town, Elbow Cay

Friday, June 3, 2011

Island Hopper departed Orchid Bay at 10:00 AM arriving at Hope Town, Elbow Cay at 11:30 AM.  After lunch aboard Island Hopper, Kevin, Tom, Aynsley and Ella walked to the Hope Town Lighthouse, a 120 foot, peppermint striped structure, built in 1838.

A View Island Hopper From The Lighthouse

Curly Tail

Ella Riding A Turtle She Found At The Sugar Shack Ice Cream Store

Hope Town Lodge

Debbie At Hope Town Lodge

Setting Up For A Wedding At The Lodge

Another Frozen Mango Juice For Ella

Aynsley And Ella

Tom, Aynsley And Ella At The Lodge

Aynsley And Ella In The Dingy

Captain Kevin Driving The Dinghy

Ella Loves Holding The Painter And Taking The Dingy To Dinner
Her Face Says It All.

Tom And Kevin At Dinner

Debbie And Aynsley At Dinner

Ella Enjoying Her Corn dog And Fies
Not So Bahamian, But She Loved It!

Then it was off in the dingy to Hope Town.  After walking around for over 2 hours, the crew went to Hope Town Lodge for a local drink. (   Then back to the dingy for another fun ride to  Island Hopper.  Salsa and chips for an appetizer and back on the dingy for a short ride to Harbour's Edge Restaurant.  Ella loved the dingy ride and really enjoyed the ride back with the flashlight.  Only one problem, she wanted to hold the flashlight instead of the painter.  Back to the boat safely.

Another great day in Abacos!!!

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