Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guana Cay, Orchid Bay

Thursday,  June 2, 2011

Just hanging out in Guana.  Aynsley and Tom left Island Hopper at 9:15 AM to go to Guana Dive for two dives today.  Ella stayed behind to play with Papa and Mimi.  Captain Papa, Mimi and Ella drove the golf cart around town.  Tom and Aynsley dove at Fowl Cay.  The first dive was 55 feet and the second one was 30 feet.  They saw reef shark and a grouper named Gilly, who followed them the entire dive.  Tom wanted to bring Gillie back to Island Hopper for a pet.  He couldn't order grouper the rest of the vacation. Ahhhh Gillie. The crew later found out, that Gillie is the president of save the grouper organization.  He is doing a fine job converting one person  (Tom) at a time to eat "More Mahi Mahi".

Ella Wakes Up Happy In Her Tropical PJ's

Mimi And Ella At Orchid Bay Marina

Papa And Ella Going Into Town

Local Fare

Boat On The Shore...Not So Much Therapy!

Mimi And Ella  Playing Talking Seahorse Before Bedtime
It Really Can't Get Any Better Than This!!!!!!

After diving Kevin and Debbie picked up Tom and Aynsley and the crew drove to Nippers for lunch.  A few Kalik lights and some Frozen Nippers for the adult crew, while Ella had a gumbay juice.  Fun day at Nippers.  Then it was back to the marina for some swimming and fun in the sun.  Dinner was at Orchid Bay.  Another outstanding meal.  The crew said their sad good byes to Berkley and Haywood.  Hopefully we will return again.

The Crew Loves Guana.  As the locals say, "IT'S GOODER IN GUANA".

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