Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Abaco Beach Resort, Boat Harbour

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The crew rented a center console to explore the Lubbers Cay. The rental boat was a 23 foot Concept. The crew prepared for the day and boarded the boat. It was a quick 7 mile trip to Lubbers Cay for lunch at Cracker P’s. Captain Tom and First Mate Kevin got the crew to the lunch destination safely. Fresh fish dip for an appetizer to share and the casual meals of snapper, conch and chicken. After making purchases of T-shirts, koozies and Cracker P’s hot sauce, it was back to the boat for a cruise to Tahiti Beach.

Heading to Lubbers

Cracker P's

Cracker P's Menu

Tom Trying the Cracker P's Hot Sauce

Aynsley's Conch Platter   Yummm!

Cracker P's Bar

Menu Board At Cracker P's

Cracker P's Dock Sign


This small beach at the southern tip of Elbow Cay is a popular boater’s stop. The soft white sand is well protected from the close ocean cut by thick vegetation, a few barrier cays, and shallow water. This shallow area is popular for shelling, and of course simply relaxing and watching the tide rise. At low tide, the true beauty of this beach is revealed when a long sand split emerges, perfect for picnics. It’s great for young children, as the water on one side of the spit is ankle deep, stays calm, and remains warm. During peak season the beach can become a bit crowded.

Captain Tom and First Mate Kevin anchored the boat in a small cove at Tahiti Bay. The water was about 4 ½ feet by the boat and of course, became more shallow closer to shore. The crew walked along the beach in awe of its beauty. Ella wasn’t enjoying the walking in the sand, but she enjoyed being carried through the water. Such a relaxing way to take in the beauty of the Abacos. While walking on the beach, a local approached Debbie and kindly told her that the Island Hopper’s crew had anchored in an area infested with jelly fish. Well, after quick negations, Debbie, Aynsley and Ella said they would be picked up at the dock instead of swimming back to the boat. All for the safety of Ella!   Kevin and Tom, “Island Hopper’s Heroes” walked safely in the water back to the center console. No stings from jelly fish.

Kevin And Tom In Jelly Fish Territory

Debbie and Aynsley saw a couple of jelly fish that had washed up on the beach. Everyone was aboard the boat and headed back to Abaco Beach Resort, Boat Harbour. It was such a fun day renting the boat and exploring Tahiti Beach on foot. Ella loved it and laughed the entire time the boat was cruising fast. She is such a little sport. After returning to Boat Harbour, Debbie and Aynsley took Ella to the pool, while Kevin and Tom returned the boat.

Aynsley And Ella On The Boat leaving Tahiti Beach

Tonight the crew had a fabulous meal at Angler’s, the restaurant at Abaco Beach Resort. Theresa the server is so sweet and the crew enjoying talking with her about the island. Sunday night just happened to have music. Debbie & Aynsley passed a note to the musician saying, “Tom would like to sing Suspicious Eyes by Elvis Presley. Well, Tom was called to join him at the microphone. Tom did a great rendition, while Aynsley, Debbie and Ella danced. It was another fun night.

Debbie (Mimi) And Ella

Family Photo

Debbie, Kevin And Ella

Ella And Bitty Baby

Ella Dancing At Dinner

The it was back to the boat for Ella to jump in bed with Papa and Mimi. This has become her nightly ritual. She tells Aynsley, “Bye, Bye and to shut the door”. Kevin and Debbie have had an experience of a lifetime. Waking up and seeing Ella in the morning and snuggling with her nightly before she is taken to her bunk. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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