Monday, October 26, 2009

Morehead City, North Carolina to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina

Monday, October 26, 2009

Today started out as a rainy and dreary day. Island Hopper departed the dock at 8:25 AM since it would be a long, and at times a run and wait day. There were three bridges with timed opening schedules. Today's journey was 78 miles, all of which were on the ICW. The winds and seas were too much for an outside voyage. Skies cloudy and rainy, Winds North 10 -15. Island Hopper arrived at Wrightsville Beach Marina at 4:05 PM. Captain Kevin did an awesome job docking the boat into the slip with strong currents and gusty winds. Tate was glad to see land. Wrightsville Beach Marina is a beautiful setting on the water. The first floor is a bar and the second floor houses the restaurant.

Goin' Ashore

Wrightsville Beach is old school, a family-style beach that has matured that makes it the envy of other seaside communities. Here you'll find parking meters and public rinse stations, fishing piers and municipal parks, soccer fields and surfing and a whole lot of sunning. Wrightsville doesn't lure people here with perforated coupons from a welcome center vacation packet. Guests flock here because they discovered that it is a great place to retreat, relax and rinse away the stress of mainland living. Just beyond the bascule bridge spanning the ICW lie the perks of the affluent. Gated communities and golf courses, townhomes above upscale shops, and five star restaurants. Traveling down the ICW the homes on the waterfront are massive and beautifully manicured. Wrightsville's best attraction is the beach itself. Framed by the two inlets and shadowed by both old and new cottages, the sand and the surf remain the best parts of the town. Masonboro Island, just across the inlet, is a protected wildlife preserve and makes a pleasant day trip.

The crew decided it would be a nice night to eat on the boat. Wine, good food, and great company. No we are not having guests!!!!!

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