Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting Business In Order for Island Hopper's Trip South

Sunday, October 11, 2009 Debbie & Nancy Blum left Cincinnati at 6:30 AM for Tidy Island, Bradenton, Florida. ( The purpose of the road trip was to deliver Debbie's car to Tidy Island, so it would be there when Island Hopper arrived at Longboat Key a month later. Debbie & Nancy drove 14 1/2 hours straight to arrive at Tidy Island around 9:00 PM. They enjoyed 7 days of relaxing and just doing what they wanted to do. Definitely a girls' trip.
Water view on Tidy Island
Dave Blum arrived on Wednesday, October 14th for the big football game and a few rounds of golf. Dave treated Nancy and Debbie to a wonderful dinner at Euphemia on Longboat Key. Thanks Dave. Still can't figure out why we had to go upstairs for a cappuccino??????
Dave & Nancy Blum at Tidy Island

Debbie & Nancy Game Day
They went to the University of Cincinnati vs USF Football game on Thursday, October 15th. Thanks to Nancy, Dave had a field pass and Debbie & Nancy sat in the athletic suite. It was a fun evening topped off with a UC win. Debbie flew out on Saturday afternoon to Baltimore, Maryland, where Kevin picked her up at the airport. After dinner they proceeded to Rock Hall, Maryland. It was cold and rainy, so they did not board Island Hopper until Sunday morning. After provisioning on Sunday they prepared to leave Haven Harbour Marina. Haven Harbour was a great destination to keep the boat for the last two summers. Playing on the Chesapeake Bay has been a wonderful experience. (

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