Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Taking to the Waters For Beautiful Annapolis

Sunday, June 21, 2009 Island Hopper traveled 19 miles to Annapolis, MD. Berthing for two nights at Yacht Basin Marina, just a five minute walk from the small town. In 1649 a group of Puritan settlers moved from Virginia to a spot at the mouth f the Severn River, where they established a community called Providence. Lord Baltimore, who held the royal charter to settle Maryland, named the area around the town Anne Arundel County, after his wife; in 1684 Anne Arundel Town was established across from Providence on the Severn's south side. Ten years later, Anne Arundel Town became the capital of of Maryland and was renamed Annapolis after princess Anne, who later became queen. It received its city charter in 1708 and became a major port, particularly for the export of tobacco. In 1774 patriots here matched their Boston counterparts by burning the Peggy Stewart, a ship loaded with taxed tea. Annapolis later served as the nation's first peacetime capital (1783 - 84) Today the city's considerable colonial and early republican heritage is largely intact, and because it's all within walking distance and highly accessible. Although it has long since been overtaken by Baltimore as the major Maryland port, Annapolis is still a popular pleasure - boating destination.
Today was a walking tour of the town and then a dinner at The Chart House.

The Water Taxi

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