Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Solomons - Here Comes Island Hopper

Tuesday, June 23, 2009 Island Hopper departed Yacht Basin Marina at approximately 10:00 AM, traveling 52 miles to Zahneiser's Yachting Center,Solomons, MD. Winds were North 10 - 15. Seas were 1 -2 with some white caps. Island Hopper soared smoothly through the waters for a pleasant cruise.
On the tip of the peninsula, Solomons is where the Patuxent empties into the Chesapeake. The town has become a popular getaway for sailors, boaters, and affluent professionals. Island Hopper's crew encompasses all of the for-mentioned categories. But it's still a laid-back waterfront town compared with Annapolis or St. Michaels. There are several antiques, book, gift, and specialty shops and galleries side by side, parallel to the boardwalk. Wherever you go, stunning views surround you at every turn.

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Degaje said...

Hi Kevin/Debbie,
Catching up on your blog and I see a YP, probably from the Academy. Was this near Annapolis?

BTW, Barb and I are shoving off tomorrow AM for Smugglers Cove then Madison where Dick and Laura Young will join us for a couple of days.