Sunday, May 18, 2008

Stuart, Florida -Harbourage Marina

Saturday, May 17, 2008 - We arrived in Stuart, FL around 2:30 PM. We were on the road for thirteen hours on Friday, so today's road time was just under 5 hours. These times included all stops. We went to the Harbourage Marina and checked out "Island Hopper".
Fountain at the Harbourage Marina Entrance

She was cleaned and ready for us to board. After getting our clothes and essentials on board we went grocery shopping. We ate dinner at the Flagler Grill. ( We had wonderful yellow snapper and mahi mahi dishes. The restaurant specializes in Traditional American and Floribbean Cuisine.

Sunday, May 18, 2008 - Downtown Stuart hosted an arts and crafts show in the old town. Kevin went to West Marine while Debbie went to the show.

The Booths at the Craft Show

Being Kevin's fist mate does have privledges. He took Debbie to her favorite store in historic Stuart and bought her custom sandals and a handbag at Stephen Bonanno Sandals. ( Kevin knows whose dream Debbie is living. After the brief shopping spree we had lunch at the Osceola Cafe. Then we went to ABC Liquor for wine and rum. Next we went to Winn Dixie for water and more provisions. The worst part of preparing the boat is taking the groceries to the boat. The docks at the Harbourage Marinaare a good distance from the parking lot. This is a job for the first mate and captain.

Debbie unloading the provisions into the cart.

Kevin taking the photo. (Priceless!!)

Debbie is thinking she might get another pair of sandals tomorrow. Just another day in the life of boating!

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