Friday, May 30, 2008

Georgetown, SC to Myrtle Beach Yacht Club, Myrtle Beach, SC

Friday, May 30, 2008 - Happy Birthday "Best Bird Dog Tate" !!!! Today is Tate's 11th Birthday
"Island Hopper" departed the dock at Hazzard Marina, Georgetown, SC at 9:00 AM. Debbie served Kevin homemade omelets prior to leaving. Skies are overcast, but clearing with winds NE 5 and a temperature of low 70s. This is perfect weather to travel. Today we will be traveling approximately 58 miles on the inside to the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club located in Coquina Harbor. ( Myrtle Beach Yacht Club guards the Harbor's northerly (innermost) shores, near 33.51.905 North/078 38.325 West. In spite of its name, this nautical establishment is a first class marina that accommodates many transient craft that choose to visit Cocquina Harbor. This facility boasts what just may be the best fuel prices on the South Carolina Waterway. Captain Kevin is hoping this is the case.
The Grand Strand - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Myrtle Beach entered the 20th century as a quiet, untamed parcel of South Carolina coastline, but Frank Burrough and B.G. Collins changed all that. The duo teamed up to create a lumber and navel supply company in Conway, and they purchased thousands of acres of coastline between the North Carolina border and Murrells Inlet. While Burrough and Collins were buying, they noticed that northern resort areas were drawing big crowds - and big earnings. So the entrepreneurs expanded their plans to include a resort destination. Word spread and before long tourists started arriving by train to enjoy the mild, sandy vacation spot. Named after the many wax myrtle bushes that sprouted along the coast, Myrtle Beach grew like a weed. Big businessmen from around the country viewed Myrtle Beach with dollar signs in their eyes. Large scale resorts popped up seemingly overnight. Landscapers chiseled out golf courses and developers installed everything they could think of to make this a vacation hot-spot: shopping centers, amusement parks, restaurants, theaters, and night clubs. Surprisingly the gaudiness of Myrtle Beach's main drags is not apparent from the ICW. There are no bright lights or high-rise hotels along this stretch of water. In fact, it is hard to believe that until the turn of the century, all of Myrtle Beach was one like the peaceful, unassuming shoreline of the ICW. That has actually been one of the biggest pleasures of the boat trip. Looking at small towns and the history that created them.
We arrived at Myrtle Beach Yacht Club at 2:30 PM, took on 250 gallons of fuel, (No they don't have the cheapest prices in South Carolina!!!!) and went to our assigned dock space. We can see the lighthouse from the dock.

We walked to the restaurant next door to the MBYC. Umberto's is a little restaurantat Coquina Harbor. Tomorrow will be an ealy morning. We will be leaving the yacht club at 7:00 AM due to bridge openings and low tides.

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