Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Pensacola Yacht Club, Pensacola FL to Fort Walton Yacht Club, Fort Walton, FL

Tuesday, November 6, 2007 - Left Pensacola Yacht Club (Mile 183) at 10:30 AM heading to Fort Walton Yacht Club (223). It was an easy 47 mile run. We took it slow and enjoyed the scenery on the water. Arrived at the FWYC and were put on the outside slip. The club has mostly sailboats. While walking on the property we noticed several hundred dead fish in the water near the boats and the shoreline. We were talking with a club member and he told us they were experiencing the effects of Red Tide for the past month. The view from the dock is beautiful. There is a small park like area on the peninsula at the yacht club. It is a nice and relaxing place to sit and feel the breeze. Today is in the 70's with partly sunny skies. Cooler weather is predicted for tomorrow and with the breeze a cool front may be approaching. Tonight we are eating dinner at Fort Walton Yacht Club. It is Taco Night. Sharry and Debbie had "Bushwackers". This drink is the club's claim to fame.

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