Friday, November 2, 2007

Bobby's Fish Camp, Silas, AL to Dog River Marina, Mobile, AL

Friday, November 2, 2007 - Left Bobby's Fish Camp, Silas AL at 6:50 AM. Traveled 2.3 miles to Coffeeville Lock & Dam (116.6 RDB). Lock 600' X 110' With a Lift 34'. When you leave the lock you are less than four feet above sea level. Traveled about 118 miles today. Took the waterway into Mobile, AL. Mobile is one of the largest seaports on the Gulf Coast. Ships of every description berth there. The GIWW crosses the Mobile Ship Channel near the mouth of the Mobile Bay and the Mobile River delivers the cruisers coming down the Tenn-Tom Canal into Mobile from the north. Whether coming from the north or south the cruiser will be stuck by the seemingly endless variety of commercial vessels and the total lack of any facilities for pleasure craft. We all cheered as we entered the salt water. Island Hopper seemed to remember her way back to FLA. We harbored at Dog River Marina We will be here for 3 nights. Time to do laundry and change crew members. We had dinner with four othe boaters at Mobile Yacht Club. The grouper special was great. After dinner we walked back to the marina. Tomorrow we don't have to get up early. It will be nice to have a relaxing breakfast on the water.

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