Monday, October 28, 2013

Bay Springs Anchorage

 We departed at 0840 for our 56 mile run with 3 locks bound for Midway Marina.  We stayed there in 2007.  Another beautiful day to be on the water.

 Unfortunately we came upon a towboat that had priority at the lock.  The Captain did say we could lock through with him and his two barges carrying sand.  WE declined as he was traveling at 4 MPH, so we would have difficulty making the marina in daylight.  We had 3 locks to pass through so the lockmaster at each lock would wait for the towboat while we cooled our heels.

We decided to anchor near the first lock, after only 39 miles, in a cove with one other trawler.  Good holding in 14 feet of water.  We put the outboard on the dinghy and went to shore for some exercise.  Another good night grilling out.  Glad Admiral Debbie had stocked the galley and the wine cellar.

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