Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tarpon Springs

Entering Tarpon Springs on the Anclote River
Shrimp boat approaching in the fog in a narrow channel GPS worked! This mark indicates a dredged cut in the shoal to enter the river
We were delayed leaving Clearwater due to AM fog. Even with radar and GPS it can be a challenge due to other vessels that go too fast for the conditions. We were headed to Tarpon Springs which is 22 miles away, north on the ICW and then up the Anclote River. Since the weather was perfect we elected to go out Clearwater Pass into the Gulf. This is much easier than negotiating the ICW which has become shallow in spots. AS we turned up the Anclote River I noted a fog bank rolling in off the Gulf. I turned on the Navigation lights and the Radar just in time for the visibility to be reduced to 500 feet. I noted a few green blobs on the radar approaching, I blew our horn as required by the rules of the road and there appeared two large shrimp boats headed out to sea. We passed safely in a tight channel. The fog lifted as quickly as it had rolled in.

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