Monday, November 9, 2009

Stuart, Florida - Sunset Beach Marina

Monday, November 9, 2009
A Lazy Dog Day On The Boat
Notes from Capt. Kevin It has been three weeks today since we left our summer home of Rock Hall, Md, on the eastern shore of Maryland opposite Baltimore on the Chesapeake Bay. We traveled 198 miles to Norfolk, Va in 3 easy days, burning 252 gallons of diesel fuel. since we were mostly on open water we would run on auto pilot at 20, hence the higher fuel burn. The Norfolk to Stuart, FL run is the Atlantic Intra Coastal Waterway (AIWW) which runs to Key West. We are hanging a right at Stuart to cross inland FL using the Okeechobee Waterway which will put us in Ft Myers, FL. The Norfolk to Stuart run is exactly 1000 miles on the GPS, burning 1122 gallons of diesel. I guess I better plant a few trees to make this carbon neutral. Better fuel economy than the Chesapeake as we avg less speed due to restricted channels and manatee zones. WE generally avg 60-80 miles per day which means 6 hours underway. We had four ports where we spent 2 days, Belhaven NC (due to high winds), Charleston, SC, St Augustine, FL and Stuart Fl (again due to high winds). Last prize would be to spend 3 nights in Belhaven, NC. I wiill update the navigation notes after we arrive in our winter home in Longboat Key Moorings.

Reminded Us Of Acacia Flamm

Sailors Return Restaurant

Debbie Riding Down The Dock On Her Mini Downtube Bike

After playing around town Debbie & Kevin ate dinner at Sailors Return Restaurant. It is the new restaurant at the Sunset Bay Marina. Tonight was opening night. The food was great.

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