Monday, July 6, 2009

More To Do And See In Washington, D.C.

Friday, July 3, 2009 Joan and Ian left the boat at 9:30 for more sightseeing in D.C. Kevin and Debbie prepared the boat for the arrival of guests. Aynsley, Tom and Ella came to the boat at 12:20 PM. The made the 8 hour journey from Cincinnati, Ohio. Aynsley, Tom, Ella, Debbie & Kevin walked to the fish market and had lunch at Phillips restaurant on the water.
The Local Fish Market
At 5:30 PM the Hall family arrived at the boat. Liz, Robert and Duncan came from Mendam, NJ. Emma flew in from San Francisco, CA. Alistair, who is working in DC for the summer, joined the fun also. It was so nice to have everyone on the boat. Joan and Ian enjoyed meeting Kevin's family.
Joan & Ian Downs
After appetizers the group went to Le Madeline in Georgetown for dinner. After dinner they walked across the street for Pink Ice yogurt. What a wonderful evening with family and friends!

Aynsley & Emma

Tom and Ella

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Emma said...

Thank you for such a wonderful evening! I had such a nice time - can't express how happy it made me for us all to be together on the 4th! Love the photos too - I think we've got our Christmas card! If you could send along photos to my dad, I know we would all appreciate it! Love, Emma