Monday, April 7, 2008

Sailfish Marina, Palm Beach Shores to Jonathan's Landing Marina Club, Jupiter, FL

Ian & Captain Morgan at Sailfish Marina

Debbie boarding MV Island Hopper at Sailfish Marina

Eddie Daniel's Florida Houseboat

Tate "just chillin". He has been the Best Bird Dog!!!!!!

Kevin's Aqua Office

We got up this morning , had breakfast and then went for a walk. Out on the water we saw a school of of 8 - 10 manatees swimming in the Lake Worth inlet. "Island Hopper" left Sailfish Marina at 11:45 AM traveling 11 miles to Jonathan's Landing Marina Club, Jupiter, FL. ( The weather is sunny with less humidity in the low 80's and winds SW 5-10. It is a beautiful day to travel. Last night there were heavy rains and then again around 4:00 AM another round of storms appeared for a few hours. We have been very lucky with the weather for the past three weeks. The land Jupiter occupies was once named for the Native American Hobe tribe, who lived in a village at the mouth of the Loxahatchee River. Explorer Ponce de Leon sailed into the river in 1513 but the Hobes drove him off. A series of mapmaker errors over the centuries changed the name to "Jove" which an English mapmaker assumed was Latin for the Roman equivalent of Zeus. He anglicized the name to Jupiter and the name has lasted. Today, Jupiter is one of the few little towns in the region not fronted by an island. Beaches here are part of the mainland, and Route A1A runs for almost 4 miles along the beachfront dunes and beautiful estates. Northeast across the Jupiter inlet from Jupiter is the southern tip of Jupiter Island, including the planned community of the same name. Here expensive and expansive estates often retreat from the road behind the screens of vegetation, while at the north end of the island, turtles come to nest in a wildlife refuge. There are three species - green (, loggerhead ( , and leatherbacks( - which frequent the shores at night from May through August. To the west, on the mainland, is the little community of Hobe Sound. Burt Reynold's has called Jupiter home for much of his career. The town keeps this no secret. The Burt Reynold's Park ( is on an island to the east of the ICW. Just north of the park is the Burt Reynold's & Friends Museum. ( Here you can view autographed sports jerseys, the "Bandit" car, hats from "Mystery Alaska", and a belt buckle from Gene Autry. How can you go wrong???? We arrived at Jonathan's Landing Marina at 1:30 PM, just in time for lunch.

MV Island Hopper docked at Jonathan's Landing

Jonathan's Landing Restaurant and Clubhouse

Jonathan's Landing Pool

We're hoping we don't have to have drinks at the "New Members Lounge"

Tonight we had a wonderful meal at Jonathan's Landing Restaurant. A great way to end a fabulous day!!!!!

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